Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster
Kairos Duster

Kairos Duster

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"Cozy comfort fit for a Jedi or light worker of the highest caliber. Seriously can't take this style off, from the beach to the streets and yes, to sleep." - Cody Sky

Step out in comfort & unisexy style. This is the ultimate second skin to live in, play in, or cozy up in. An OGT gold standard and long-standing best seller. As always, every purchase plants a tree.

Made of our golden threaded fleece material, "Nature's Cashmere," made of naturally antimicrobial regenerative tree fiber of Beech and Eucalyptus. Hand-weaved in Los Angeles, this is ethically-cozy, durable, breathable luxury. Designed unisexy, and every-body-positive, this is a signature piece that conforms to, and enhances, any shape. As versatile as it is soft - dress it up or down. A must for self-swaddling at home or on flights.

Note: We are a small-batch producer committed to offering only the highest quality, handmade, unique pieces to make you feel good inside and out. Each limited edition shade tends to sell out quickly.


  • Fully reversible: soft & smooth on the outside for a casually-cool, pulled together look. Ridiculously comfy & fuzzy inside, for the softest self-hug imaginable.

  • Details: Oversized hood, hidden slip pockets, and thumb holes.

  • Material: An equanimity blend of regenerative Beech Tree fiber from Austria (Tencel micro modal), spun with the top 1% of ethical Supima cotton from local California family farms.

  • Regenerative: Every purchase plants a tree through our partner, One Tree Planted.


The Kairos Duster ~ a name's origins

KAIROS is a Greek word celebrating bending time, your unblinking life, to walk through doors of possibility. Carpe Seize 'Em.

A DUSTER was what the horsemen wore back in the day to brave the elements throughout their travels in nature.

Put it together and our Kairos Duster was designed and named to mirror your life's flow, and boldly brave whatever comes your way.


  • Size: O/S ~ One Size Loves All

  • Care: Washing machine safe & tumble dry.