More Than a
Clothing Company

We're an army of status-quo challengers, dreamers, and change-makers.

Impower is a way of life.

It's a symbol of the power we have within. Available to us at any moment to live our best lives and empower others to do the same.

We originated in 2021 – we're a modern company for modern people, implementing the best of ancient wisdom and modern science (as well as the sexiest and most comfortable fashion) to transform the global vibration to one of positivity, growth, connectedness, unity, and transformation. In doing so, it is our goal in 2026 to be one of the top 15 clothing brands in the world up with Gucci, Nike, Calvin Klein, and Under Armour to make personal development the norm.

What We Stand For

An Earth Company

No, we aren't just a born and raised American company. Our service is for the unity of all 7.8 billion humans on this extraordinary planet. Wether it be black lives, white lives, rainbow lives, muslim lives, christian lives, African lives, animal lives, or even Antarctic lives.

Just. Do. It.

Nike was right. We believe many of us spend too much of our lives dreaming. Sure, we're told to imagine and practice visualization, to learn and plan, but when does it become too much? Can we recognize the fastest way to learn and grow is just by doing? For this reason, our clothing reminds people to not just hope, but do, today.

Humanity +

In everything we do, we're committed to making a positive impact on humanity. It means profits don't come first. It means our products are not potentially harmful. It means considering the environment in practically every decision. It means serving the world, unlike many companies politely f**king it up.

Stand Up

We don't stand on the sidelines of history. We encourage our team and customers to always respectfully make a dent in the universe.


Climate change is an essential component of our decisions. We are constantly searching and developing more environmentally-friendly materials, production processes, shipping processes, charity, and even of living ourselves.

Our Culture

As a fully remote company, we take tremendous pride to say that our teammates are often best friends. We are a family. The values we preach are the values we live. We continuously transform each other into our best selves. We are grateful, compassionate, and appreciative of one another. But don't be fooled, we also kick ass and innovate rapidly to stay on the cutting edge.

Meet our Founder

Noah Kahn