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108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman
108 Talisman

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108 Talisman
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"A sacred spinner, a world of meaning." - Kenzo

What do you see? Infinity? Treble musical notes? Flying butterfly? Connected hearts?

The mystical number 108 for centuries has represented the interconnectedness of all things and beings, nature and us as one.

The story behind the creation of 108 Talisman was designed to remind that an infinite world, unity of community, begins within - YOU. We are all connected, as one golden thread.


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    Having my impower crop top sweater on makes those cold morning workouts that much more bearable! Thanks for the reminder to stay in the game!


    I'm on my feet for 14 hours a day and impowers clothing is honestly the best hack to keep me energized and my body fresh and feeling comfortable. It's been a game changer.


    These are more than just clothes. They are tapping into mystical energy. You feel it.


    Straight up magic. Simply the most IDGAF comfortable clothing I've ever worn.


    Every time I wear this sweatshirt it reminds me to get out of my comfort zone.


    Kindness. Understanding. Love. That's what I think of when I hear the word: Empathy...thanks for sharing this dope hoodie with the world.


    We all need that little push. Impower is about the power of community, a daily reminder that we are all in this together.


    On the day to day, Impower acts as a reminder to reconsider everyday decisions and actions, and not take anything for granted.


    Like wearing a cloud...


    How can you achieve your full potential?

    The market is flooded with “inspirational” apparel that looks like 💩, ineffective athletic gear and overhyped and overpriced fashion brands who’s only value is in displaying a word that society believes exhibits a sort of imaginary status when really it has no significant impact on empowering your identity, self-esteem, and feelings of joy and fulfillment.

    You already wear clothing daily, so why not have it simultaneously improve your life, too? See the problem is you wear “everyday” clothing, but you're not an “everyday” person. Impowers clothing is for people who want to get on a whole new level in life. If you want to be ordinary, then this is not the style for you. This is the next evolution of clothing for the next evolution of human.

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